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Cambridgehok Construction Are a Main Contractor Working Nationwide from Our HQ in East Yorkshire

Our in-house team has the experience and expertise to undertake the largest of construction projects.

With more than 50 years’ combined experience across the team, we have overseen and delivered construction projects across the UK for the food, industrial, commercial, retail and logistics sectors.

Projects completed by our team have ranged from £500,000 to £10m, with the majority of our contracts ranging between £1m and £5m in value.

From Offices and Warehouses to Glasshouses and Energy Centres

Our construction contractors work with CambridgeHOK, or on their own as CambridgeHOK Construction, to complete building solutions to our clients.

Whether it be standalone buildings such as offices, warehouses, energy centres and storage units or external works such as site clearance, roads, drainage, pathways, car parks or substations, our team will prepare, plan and complete the job.

We also work purely as a contractor, so if your project plans are already underway or well advanced and you are just looking for someone to turn them into a reality, then we would love to receive your enquiry today.

Our Values

• Collaboration and clear communication with all of our clients and partners
• Conducting business in a professional, open, honest and non-adversarial way
• Equality and diversity at all times
• Identifying and promoting positive involvement with the community
• Promoting sustainability
• Responsible and ethical decision-making in all aspects of our business
• Maintaining a right first-time attitude and achieving the highest standards of quality for our clients


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Company Statistics


  • May 2018
  • 2011
  • £4,000,000

We’ve now returned to CambridgeHOK for the fourth time because they give us professional assistance from the planning stages through design and construction which is hugely beneficial to a growing family business such as ours


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Wallingfen Business Park, 236 Main Rd Newport, Brough, HU15 2RH
Tel: 01223 722281